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Solar Energy Thermal Systems

Using Solar Power to heat your water is one of the most practical and cost effective ways to harness energy from the sun. Solar thermal systems absorb the sun’s heat and use it to heat your residence’s own hot water needs. In general, the solar thermal system will easily heat water to 140ºF or higher matching the range of its traditional hot water tank counterpart.

Solar Energy Equipment Supplier

Effective systems can collect up to 70 percent of the sun’s energy that reaches them and transfer it to you. When you want to work with a trusted solar energy equipment supplier in Manorville, NY, Danisi Energy Company is an outstanding option. We’re a fully licensed and insured business that stocks premium solar energy products, and our staff members are highly knowledgeable and experienced. Whatever your needs or budget, we’d love to provide you with advice and help you find the right type of equipment.

Direct Solar Water Heating Systems

As implied, direct systems capture the sun’s heat in collectors to directly heat a household’s water supply. The system consists of collector pipes filled with water that are linked to an insulated storage tank usually located inside a home. As the sun heats the water inside the pipes, the water flows into the storage tank. Although direct systems are more efficient that indirect ones, they require more maintenance to keep the pipes clear of mineral deposits. Direct solar thermal systems also work best in warmer climates where the system is less prone to freezing. Solar Pool and Hot Tub Heating Systems Solar pool heating systems work on a similar principle to a direct system solar hot water heater. However, because the water can heat up too much in a solar thermal system, the collector’s glazing is often removed. Using nonglazed pipes or a heating system that resembles a flat black mat prevents the pool water from becoming super-heated as well as reduces costs to the overall system.

Where to place your Solar System!

Like other types of solar energy systems, solar hot water heating systems work best on south-facing walls with full sun exposure. Because of the collector tubes’ type of construction, the outside elements have less effect on its performance compared to a photovoltaic collection system; a bit of shade on the thermal array will have a less noticeable impact.

Focused On Serving Your Family’s Needs

Locally owned and operated, we’re committed to providing our customers with value-oriented services. Once you’ve selected the right type of solar equipment for your home, our skilled staff members can complete the installation for you, and we endeavor to provide high-quality workmanship on every job. We accept a number of payment methods, including cash, personal check, and credit card.

At Danisi Energy Company, our objective is to help our clients find a solar energy system that fits their property, and we’re proud to be a premier solar energy equipment supplier in Suffolk County. Our business is open Monday – Saturday, and we’re easy to get in touch with whenever you have questions, so give us a call.

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