Heating: Furnace and Boiler Tune Up  In Medford, Southampton, Port Jefferson, NY and Surrounding Areas

Heating Tune Up In Medford, NY

Making sure your heating system equipment is routinely serviced by a professional Danisi technician is as important as taking your car to a mechanic for its required oil changes and maintenance.

If an service contract is not already in place, our technicians may often offer to set up a maintenance agreement for you standardized scheduled system maintenance. Routine maintenance may extend the life of your Heating equipment and possibly prevent minor issues from turning into expensive major problems over time.

Our trained technicians will perform a precision tune-up and professional cleaning which include the following  checks:

  1. Inspect, test and calibrate controls and safety mechanisms to insure your system will shut down in case of a emergency. 
  2. Lubricate motors and bearings.
  3. Measure amperage and voltage of blower

  4. Measure and record temperatures and system performance factors
  5. Check and adjust fan switch, pilot and pilot assembly (Gas furnaces) 
  6. Inspect and clean burners as needed
  7. Inspect heat exchanger for deterioration and cracks.

  8. Measure and record carbon monoxide levels
  9. Inspect gas line and flue pipe for possible leaks
  10. Test and calibrate thermostat
  11. Check & clean air filter/replace at customer’s option*
  12. Conduct overall system assessment
  13. Review findings, make recommendations and discuss any concerns

Boiler Systems Only:

  1. Inspect expansion tank (if present)
  2. Inspect water feed valve

  3. Measure and record boiler pressure and temperature

  4. Check aquastat

  5. Inspect low water cut-off

  6. Check for backflow device

  7. Inspect & oil pumps

Heating: Furnace Tune Up – Servicing the Medford, Southampton, Port Jefferson, NY and Surrounding Areas

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