Many Smart Homeowners Choose Oil Heat. Oil Just Costs Less.

It costs far less to heat your home with oil than with electricity. Oil is competitive with gas also natural gas in not available on many areas of Long Island.

Heating Oil is not “more expensive” then natural gas

Statistics shows that oil heat costs less than almost anything you’ve bought in the last decade. While postage has gone up 40%.. apples 68%.. and cereal 75%.. heating oil has gone down 28%! Systems that use heating oil cost 10%-25% less than systems which use natural gas. Oil heat is the most economical heat source available!

Heating Oil add’s to your comfort.

We all like to be comfortable, and oil heat is the most comfortable heat of all. An oil heat system distributes the warm cozy feeling you want quickly, bringing your home to a warm toasty temperature in less time than other fuels. Which means less chill, less money, and a warm, comfortable feeling.

Heating Oil is SAFE!

Heating oil doesn’t ignite until its reaches 140 degrees in temperature, when it vaporizes. So, if you light a match and put it into heating oil, the flame extinguishes on contact. Heating oil also does not produce carbon monoxide (Natural Gas does). The burner in an oil heat system acts like a finely tuned carburetor, turning fuel into vapor for efficient combustion in a sealed chamber.

Heating Oil is Efficient.

The single most important factor in your decision about home heating is the efficiency of your equipment. Common efficiency ratings for modern oil heating systems are 80% or more. New technological and design improvements on oil heating systems continue to produce increased efficiency ratings.

Heating Oil is Versatile.

Oil heat can do a whole lot more than just provide efficient heating. New State of the art oil systems provide heating and hot water for the same annual costs other energy sources provide only heating. That’s like getting hot water FREE!

With an oil water heater, your home will never run out of hot water. A hot tub heated with an oil system will be heated to over 104 degrees in less than an hour and a hot tub heated with an oil system will stay at a comfortable, constant temperature for a very low cost.

Heating Oil Supplies

Globally, oil reserves remain high. The US is not dependent on imports or any one source for supply, with millions of barrels in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and approximately millions more in the Northeast Heating Oil Reserve.  The total known reserves in the world are actually increasing rather than declining, due to improved exploration and extraction technologies. Also renewable biofuel options are adding to an already substantial and sustainable supply. On Long Island, home heating oil is stored locally, so there’s always a reserve to help weather an emergency. With Danisi Energy’s automatic delivery service ensures that you won’t run out of oil either.

Heating Oil Choice

With oil heating, you get to choose who delivers your fuel. We Hope you choose Danisi Energy for your Heating Oil.

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