Geo Thermal Energy Solutions In Medford, Southampton, Port Jefferson, NY and Surrounding Areas.

What is Geothermal Heating and Cooling?

During the heating cycle, a WaterFurnace geothermal heat pump uses the earth loop to extract heat from the ground. As the system pulls heat from the loop it distributes it through a conventional duct system as warm air. The same heat energy can also be used for a radiant floor system or domestic hot water heating.

Geo Thermal Energy Solutions In Medford, NY

Geothermal Heating Installation:

As the cost of oil and natural gas continues to rise, many homeowners in Hampton Bays, NY are coming to find that it’s getting more and more expensive to keep their indoor spaces warm. If you’re looking for an efficient means of heating your home, it’s time to consider geothermal heating system installation from Danisi Energy Company Inc.
A Cost-Effective Alternative

Geothermal heating works by harnessing the earth’s natural heat contained in the ground. This heat is extracted using a ground loop installed underneath your house. Once inside, the air is compressed to whatever temperature you desire, heating or cooling your home without the use of fossil fuels or damaging the environment. Best of all, geothermal pumps can be installed under nearly any lot.

At Danisi Energy Company Inc., we offer geothermal heating system installation across Hampton Bays, NY. Our dedicated team of HVAC technicians is on hand to answer any questions you have about geothermal heating and explain the many benefits of this energy-efficient option.

Expert Geothermal Heating Installation Services:

Save money and the environment by going geothermal. For more information or to schedule an estimate, call Danisi Energy Company Inc. today.

Geothermal Air Conditioning Installation:

Are you currently spending a fortune to keep your family cool and comfortable all summer? With geothermal air conditioning installation from Danisi Energy Company Inc. in Hampton Bays, NY, you could enjoy significantly lower utility bills and superior comfort year-round–all while doing your part to protect the environment. One of the most energy-efficient cooling options available today, a geothermal heat pump keeps your home cool and comfortable by transferring warm air to the outdoors where it belongs. The result is quiet, even cooling for a fraction of what you’d spend to power a conventional air conditioning unit.
Cost-Efficient Geothermal AC Installation

At Danisi Energy Company Inc., the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We pride ourselves on providing the very highest quality equipment and service. When you hire us for geothermal air conditioning installation, you can expect honesty, responsiveness and a cooling system you’ll be proud to own.

Lower your electric bills this summer and cut costs while protecting the earth’s valuable natural resources. Contact us in Hampton Bays, NY today to learn more about our geothermal air conditioning installation service and to schedule an estimate.